Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

Malta Overview

Malta is a Mediterranean island with a significant historical and cultural legacy spanning over 7,000 years. The neutral country is well-respected and a member of the Commonwealth. As one of the most exceptional places to do business, Malta now has one of the fastest growing economies and the top GDP growth rates in the EU, offering favourable legislation.

Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

The Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation (MEIN) has just been established by the Maltese Government. This allows for the granting of Maltese citizenship following a period of residency. As the world’s most successful Citizenship by Investment, successful families enjoy being a citizen of a stable and safe European country with a strong economy and also a visa free travel to 184 countries.

The MEIN allows for the granting of citizenship for exceptional services to individuals and their families who make direct investment in the Republic of Malta, contributing to the social and economic development to the country. The compressive procedure takes three years or by exception one year through a higher investment, which includes thorough due diligence and strict background verification checks on the applicants and their families, who if successful are granted Maltese citizenship. The MEIN due diligence involves a multi-tier system that is considered the most thorough in the world for Citizenship by Investment. This process ensures that only the most suitable applicants qualify.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, be of outstanding character, have no criminal record, be in good health and pass strict government due diligence checks. The following requirements must be met:


The main applicant and all adult dependants must have been a legal resident of Malta for three years or by exception at least one year, demonstrating connecting factors to Malta during the residence period, prior to being naturalised.


Make a direct investment, contributing to the National Development and Social Fund.

  • Main Applicant
    • EUR €600,000 after a minimum of 36 months residency, or
    • EUR €750,000 after a minimum of 12 months residency
  • Spouse or de facto partner
    • EUR €50,000
  • Dependants, unmarried and have not yet reached the age of 29 who are financially dependent on the main applicant
    • EUR €50,000 / each
  • Parents and grandparents over the age of 55, who are wholly maintained or largely supported by the main applicant
    • EUR €50,000 / each


Meet one of the following criteria:

  • EUR €16,000 per annum of a leased residential property in Malta and half for at least 5 years after naturalisation
  • EUR €700,000 purchase of a residential property in Malta to be held for at least 5 years after naturalisation

Note: a residential property is also required during the residency period.

Charity Donation

A EUR €10,000 donation to a registered philanthropic cause, cultural, sports, or animal welfare, approved by the Agency.

Health Insurance

All applicants must have Global Health Coverage during the residency period.

Summary of Key Advantages

  • By becoming Maltese citizens, applicants receive a wealth of intangible benefits.
  • Malta is a European well respected and neutral country, also a member of the Commonwealth.
  • The Malta Citizenship-by-Investment is a very exclusive opportunity.
  • Citizenship is for life, may be passed on to future generations, and affords the right to work and live in Malta.
  • Malta has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and is a favourable place for business.

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